Beautiful bracelets and banglesBeautiful bracelets and bangles

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Beautiful bracelets and bangles

I love collecting beautiful bangles and bracelets to brighten up my outfits. I love the extra pop of colour that an interesting bracelet can add to an outfit. Some people find it hard to coordinate jewelery with their outfits so I thought it would be fun to start a site that concentrates on bracelets and wrist jewelery. You don't have to spend a lot of money to look chic, but it does help to have a lot of confidence when you wear something a bit crazy. I think we should all be a bit braver and wear some new jewelery regularly.


Why Use Wood Jewellery on a Stretched Piercing?

If some of your clients want to create stretched piercings, then you need to provide jewellery that works both during and after this process. Once a piercing reaches the right size, your clients will want to buy jewellery that creates the look they want. While you may already supply plastic and metal jewellery for these kinds of body piercings, it's worth extending your range to offer organic jewellery, which is made from materials like wood. Read More