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Beautiful bracelets and bangles

I love collecting beautiful bangles and bracelets to brighten up my outfits. I love the extra pop of colour that an interesting bracelet can add to an outfit. Some people find it hard to coordinate jewelery with their outfits so I thought it would be fun to start a site that concentrates on bracelets and wrist jewelery. You don't have to spend a lot of money to look chic, but it does help to have a lot of confidence when you wear something a bit crazy. I think we should all be a bit braver and wear some new jewelery regularly.


Diamond engagement rings for same sex couples

While same sex marriage might not be legal just yet in Australia, many same sex couples like to show their commitment to each other through diamond engagement rings either for a future wedding ceremony in Australia or a destination wedding abroad. Here are some ways to personalise your wedding rings for your relationship.

Lesbian Couples

As wedding rings are a traditional indicator of wedding status, many lesbians like to both wear wedding rings. While you can buy matching engagement rings, if one of you is after a big solitaire and the other wants a lower key band, it can be useful to get a wedding band set and split them between you. Not only does it save on cost and give you a matching aesthetic, there is something wonderfully symbolic about you both wearing rings that come together, as two parts of a whole.

Gay Couples

While many men do not wear wedding rings, some gay men like to advertise that they are firmly off the market. If you have a more masculine style, you can try some modern styles like a tension set diamond, which has a low profile and unique design. Of course, if one of you is yearning for the chance to wear a big blingy diamond solitaire why not embrace it! If there is one time you can go all out for size and budget in a ring, it's got to be when you are getting married!

Gender queer couples

If one or both or you don't conform to a binary gender role, you might find the emotional baggage around diamond engagement rings hard to navigate. Remember that an engagement ring is simply a visible sign of your commitment to your partner, and either or both of you can wear one. It can be in any sort of design that means something to you, including using the newer "stackable" style of rings which fit together in unique ways. This way the rings you wear can symbolise how you fit together.

Diamond engagement rings are a great way to formalise the intention you have to marry each other and your commitment to your relationship. If you are looking to explore some less traditional options for your wedding and engagement ring, make an appointment with a modern jeweller  with a wide range of diamond engagement rings. Then you get started with the fun task of planning your wedding!